Added to the art index- 1 June 2014

Added to the Art Index: Encyclopaedia of Time in Art: pp. 10-12; Encyclopaedia of Time in Art: pp. 25-27; Encyclopaedia of Time in Art: pp. 28-30; Encyclopaedia of Time in Art: pp. 31-33; Encyclopaedia of Time in Art: pp. 34-36. Added to exhibitions and events: Art 1996 Chicago (1996). Added to the Library Index – Chicago Tribute review, 1996

26 May 2014

Created taxonomy archive pages that can be sorted – e.g. if, when looking at a sculptuation that is in a public collection, one clicks onto ‘public collection’, it will open to a holdings page that lists artworks in public collections. Taxonomies include: sculptuation sizes; sculptuation placement; sculptuation editions; sculptuation holdings; exhibition years; and exhibition types. …

Less is More opening at Heidi

studio-note-1Gail Hastings Exhibition Studio

Less is More opening at Heidi—A sculptuation by Gail Hastings will be part of the group exhibition Less is More: Minimal and Post-minimal art in Australia, curated by Sue Cramer, from 3 August 2012 at Heidi Museum of  Modern Art, Melbourne. Gail Hastings will also participate in an exhibition forum entitled Notes towards contemporary post-minimalism to take place on 11 …