Added to the Art Index: Encyclopaedia of Time in Art: pp. 10-12; Encyclopaedia of Time in Art: pp. 25-27; Encyclopaedia of Time in Art: pp. 28-30; Encyclopaedia of Time in Art: pp. 31-33; Encyclopaedia of Time in Art: pp. 34-36. Added to exhibitions and events: Art 1996 Chicago (1996). Added to the Library Index – Chicago Tribute review, 1996

Created taxonomy archive pages that can be sorted – e.g. if, when looking at a sculptuation that is in a public collection, one clicks onto ‘public collection’, it will open to a holdings page that lists artworks in public collections. Taxonomies include: sculptuation sizes; sculptuation placement; sculptuation editions; sculptuation holdings; exhibition years; and exhibition types. The sculptuation archive taxonomies can only be accessed if one is logged in.

Due to a funding setback, the forthcoming exhibition [space holder] was in jeopardy of being cancelled. Happy, however, to announce no matter the toils and troubles, the exhibition will still take place at the later date of  20 September 2012. We hope you will still join us then.

Less is More opening at Heidi—A sculptuation by Gail Hastings will be part of the group exhibition Less is More: Minimal and Post-minimal art in Australia, curated by Sue Cramer, from 3 August 2012 at Heidi Museum of  Modern Art, Melbourne. Gail Hastings will also participate in an exhibition forum entitled Notes towards contemporary post-minimalism to take place on 11 October 2012.