Wednesday 4 October 2012

Clare and Marlowe looking at Red space holder by Gail Hastings

Clare and Marlowe look at Red space holder: forget remember. Unsure he really could see his own foot underneath the drawer when he peered into it, Marlowe then inspected the drawer from the ground looking up to check it didn’t have a bottom.

Saturday 22 September 2012

Beryl looking at space holder of a blue, white and green space

Beryl, a regular Archibald Prize exhibition visitor, was admittedly a bit stumped, at first,  for words when she came by to have a look at the exhibition today. Then, after a number of other thoughts said: ‘… you could say space is at the basis of everything’.  

Friday 03 August 2012

ABC art - red cube (detail) Gail Hastings

The books Sue Cramer, curator of the exhibition Less is More currently open for viewing at Heidi Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne, has included in the piece. The rational for Sue Cramer’s selection is listed first. I look forward to browsing the books when I participate in the exhibition’s forum in October.

The note

Please leave the door open for Jack the Cat

For Jack the Cat: First note (please leave the door open) by me; response note (No) by the director. GH

Categorized as Note

5:00pm Piet Mondrian

…  by Piet Mondrian, again. The space between opposites is intersubjective, that seeming unbridgeable gap between us. Closing the door, going home. Last week, next week, for the exhibition.

5:00pm Donald Judd

About to close the door and walk back down the corridor with this sentence in mind by Donald Judd from perhaps the most famous art essay, ever. Donald Judd was one of the first to make art out of intersubjective space, the space between opposites, the space between oneself and another.