Wednesday 4 October 2012

Clare and Marlowe looking at Red space holder by Gail Hastings

Clare and Marlowe look at Red space holder: forget remember. Unsure he really could see his own foot underneath the drawer when he peered into it, Marlowe then inspected the drawer from the ground looking up to check it didn’t have a bottom.

Saturday 22 September 2012

Beryl looking at space holder of a blue, white and green space

Beryl, a regular Archibald Prize exhibition visitor, was admittedly a bit stumped, at first,  for words when she came by to have a look at the exhibition today. Then, after a number of other thoughts said: ‘… you could say space is at the basis of everything’.  

Due to a funding setback, the forthcoming exhibition [space holder] was in jeopardy of being cancelled. Happy, however, to announce no matter the toils and troubles, the exhibition will still take place at the later date of  20 September 2012. We hope you will still join us then.