20/200 is  group exhibition at Sarah Cottier Gallery that marks 20 years and over 200 exhibitions for the gallery. Gail Hastings is delighted to contribute a sculptuation to the exhibition for having participated in the 1996 exhibition ‘Road to Love’ (20.03.1996–30.03.1996) curated by Mikala Dwyer. The gallery, then, was located at 36 Lennox Street, Newtown, Sydney. The two sculptuations by Gail Hastings included in the 1996 exhibition were untitled 1995 (four pages from the Encyclopaedia of Words), 1995 (private collection, Brisbane) and To make a work of forgetful art, 1996 (private collection, Brisbane). More on 20/200 can be found in the 20/200 exhibition record and the Sarah Cottier Gallery website. (photo: habit’s pattern: orange and black, 2010)


A note on ‘Leave the line standing’


We were squabbling over how best to cut the piece of wood when, with jigsaw in hand, I decided to ignore Mick and get on with the job as I always do — uncomfortable with and annoyed by his audience. Then Mick made a last ditched effort and said, ‘leave the line standing’. Standing? Line?… Continue reading A note on ‘Leave the line standing’

Why I make editions: A space for possibilities

A ‘limited edition’ is a term we generally associate with printmaking or photography in contemporary art. Both involve the reproduction of an artwork a number of times. If the ‘number of times’ is limited to, say, 100 prints, then the artwork is an edition of 100. There is a problem here, however, with the word… Continue reading Why I make editions: A space for possibilities