The black tea of space

If we eliminate the recurring dismissal of women through discredit to avoid any facts they might speak,(1)Leigh Sales, a reporter for the ABC’s flagship news program ‘7.30’, interviewed the then Opposition Leader Tony Abbott who revealed himself to be misleading, ill-informed and contradictory (i.e. dishonest). The following day a leading strategist for the Opposition called Leigh Sales […]

Thank goodness Donald Judd wasn’t a misogynist

While browsing iTunes one fine July 2007 day, I happened upon a new release by Austin Indie band ‘Spoon’ with a cover image of the artist Lee Bontecou by photographer Ugo Mulas, taken in 1963. Instantly impressed, I eagerly investigated further and came across an interview. Here, singer/guitarist Britt Daniel explains that, although he was […]

The art of noticing Part III

Mistakenly, some say Anthony Caro was the first to make pedestal-less three-dimensional art. (20)Many will be fortunate to remember having seen Anthony Caro’s abstract sculpture in Sculpture by the Sea at Bondi Beach, Sydney, in October 2010. As for who did what first, when it comes to boycotting the pedestal (or plinth, as we are more likely to call […]

The art of noticing Part I

From the Tate Channel, Donald-Judd

The art of illusion is, for many, art per se. Through it, our unconscious absorption into representational imagery transports us somewhere other that the reality in which we stand. This remains the desired effect we request from art. Since the beginning of the previous century, however, various artists and art movements have endeavoured to shatter […]