Art Month Presents Collector’s Disgrace—Art frame: red removed

The title above is harsh, but so was the insult to the collectors of Art frame: red and to the sculptuation, itself, discovered last night at the opening of Art Month’s Collector’s Space. Art frame: red is a sculptuation. As a sculptuation, it activates the physical space within which one stands to look at its… Continue reading Art Month Presents Collector’s Disgrace—Art frame: red removed

‘Art frame: red’, 2011, by Gail Hastings will be on view in James Roland and Becky Spark’s contribution to Art Month’s Collectors’ Space..

Art Month Presents Collector’s Space

A hidden urban space filled with museum quality artworks never seen together in public before… or ever again.

Curated by Natalia Bradshaw, the Collector’s Space is a unique pop up exhibition which explores personal collecting journeys. Experience highlights from significant and diverse private art collections, free and open to everyone in March. …

The 2014 Collectors:

James Roland and Becky Sparks are a dynamic young couple with a unique collecting vision – they are committed to collecting the art of their contemporaries. Becky and James started actively collecting and supporting contemporary art in 2006. Since that time, they have amassed a significant collection of works, mostly Australian, with a deliberate focus on artists of their generation and younger emerging artists.