Withdrawal from ‘Less is More’

On Monday 3 September 2012, ABC art: red cube (2008) was taken off the exhibition wall of  Less is More at Heide Museum of Modern Art before the exhibition’s conclusion, upon my request. This was a drastic and, for me, painful action made necessary given there was no retraction of the curator’s views expressed in the… Continue reading Withdrawal from ‘Less is More’

Thank goodness Donald Judd wasn’t a misogynist

While browsing iTunes one fine July 2007 day, I happened upon a new release by Austin Indie band ‘Spoon’ with a cover image of the artist Lee Bontecou by photographer Ugo Mulas, taken in 1963. Instantly impressed, I eagerly investigated further and came across an interview. Here, singer/guitarist Britt Daniel explains that, although he was… Continue reading Thank goodness Donald Judd wasn’t a misogynist

Friday 03 August 2012

The books Sue Cramer, curator of the exhibition Less is More currently open for viewing at Heidi Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne, has included in the piece. The rational for Sue Cramer’s selection is listed first. I look forward to browsing the books when I participate in the exhibition’s forum in October.