Against this disappointing backdrop of ‘almost no discussion of space in art’, Donald Judd singles out Michael Benedikt’s discussion of Louis Kahn’s Kimbell as an exception.

It is, therefore, a tremendous honour to have Michael Benedikt write an historical essay on the space of Donald Judd’s art for Space Practising Tools.

Space Practising Tools is a project by Gail Hastings that has received Australian Council for the Arts funding.

The Space Practising Tools book will include an introduction by art historian Andrew McNamara. It will also include an experimental essay by Gail Hastings that explores the studio practise of space as a material art medium. Can space be concrete? Can space be a ‘thing’? Can space be constructed, built, as are solids, one thing added to another?

The Space Practising Tools book release will be in August 2018, through iBooks.