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Secret Intelligence Agents — spooks and private eyes — are often seen meandering through the concrete passages of a sculptural situation searching for a clue, the sculptuation’s meaning, its purpose.

Secret intelligence can also be an agent at work in our daily lives, collecting the information we see but which we do not notice for various reasons that can include habit, fear, cultural difference, indoctrination, disinterest, indifference or, simply, a lack of time.

A spook or private eye in a sculptuation can be key to opening the artwork’s actual, real, physical space — through connections they create between two- and three-dimensional components.

The following sculptuations are just a few in which Secret Intelligence Officers can be found within the work’s passages.

Encyclopaedia of Observing Art Observations

In secret intelligence: a sculptural situation, 2003, two watercolour encyclopaedias appear on either side of a 20cm corridor of space. This corridor of actual space corresponds with a corridor of space in the sculptural situation between the left and right encyclopaedia pages. The pattern on the green rugs in both rooms is a repeated circular circumference that emanates from a shared centre in the corridor of actual space.

Mission ‘Observe the Observer’ has begun. In the ‘left space’ a secret intelligence agent waits to walk past the target of this mission – the person observing these two floorplans in the ‘corridor of actual space’. While passing, the agent will covertly observe the target and determine whether they regard themselves as a part of this situation. Immediately reaching the ‘right space’ the agent will write a report and dispatch it for collection by a second agent disguised as an art historian.

Movie Directions for Secret Agents, 1994


At time 19:74 precisely, she folded the Governmental document Memorandum of Understanding into her handbag. My surveillance of her remained undetected as she proceeded towards the assigned meeting place without hesitation. When passing St. Leonards Ave at 19:73pm, she looked down the street and waved to somebody. Upon immediately inspecting the street so to ascertain to whom she waved, I discovered that in her view, she waved to ‘somebody’, but in my view, to ‘nobody’. This, dear Director, creates frailty in the plot; an incongruous reality where exists two versions at the same time: hers and mine. I report so to alert you to this lack of Credibility; a lack likely to be scoffed at by the audience.

We, the cast, await, at this moment in the movie, for your corrected version before continuing. It is at present 19:71pm.

~ page 1971 ~

The Big Coverup: white with blue stripe, 2003

Five paintings atop of the stairs of whispers are suspected of containing encoded, top-secret information. Suspiciously, the owners claim the paintings are just primed canvases – depicting nothing – that have been covered up recently due to attracting nuisance crowds of unwarranted sightseers. Your mission is to go undercover and reveal the truth of this situation by ascertaining whether the paintings are, indeed, primed canvases and the cover-up is, just, a cover-up. Go disguised as an art viewer and note all suspicious circumstances – such as other art viewers. And remember, nothing is never nothing.