Gail Hastings’ Studio
Eildon Rd
St Kilda VIC 3182

Six years ago, to rally support to apply for a grant that necessitated co-funding, I made this video. The financial assistance was unforthcoming. The naivety of such an appeal potentially hampered rather than helped. How, though, can a visual artist who prefers to be locked away in a studio, working, living frugally, isolated, grow a ‘network’ that bears co-funding fruit? No longer in Sydney, I am no longer in the hold of equipment on the back shelf that was either gifted or sold so I could repair to Melbourne. I now work in the same studio in Eildon Rd, St Kilda, in which, oddly enough, I began the watercolour specimen index I hold in my hands. If you can wade through the embarrassment of me trying to inspire support, if ever you have wondered what drives an artist who makes ‘hard art’, this video might help. Wholeheartedly disagree? By all means, let me know.

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