Taking it all away: MCA collection

Exhibition curatorial Natasha Bullock Taking it all away [is] an exhibition of works drawn from the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia. Diverse in form and character, the works in Taking it all away set the dynamics of space and time against the complexities of modern existence. Together, these works speak to the importance of art […]

To make a work of timeless art: MCA Primavera Acquisitions

The decision to acquire the work of Primavera artists began in 1993, the first purchase being a suite of works by Gail Hastings, an artist included in the inaugural Primavera exhibition. Everyone wants to be close to ‘the wheel of history’, to be remembered, to occupy a place within the wider schema of recent art […]

Primavera: The Belinda Jackson Exhibition of Young Artists

The combination of a circle, square and a connecting / dividing passage take on different configurations in Gail Hastings’ [sculptuations*]: the circle and square may connote rooms in a floor plan, objects in a room, or props on a stage; the passage may refer to a connecting room in a plan, an actual passageway, or a text through which […]