Less is More: Minimal and Post-Minimal Art in Australia [withdrawal]

01/09/2012 withdrawal of ABC art: red cube from the exhibition upon receiving the exhibition’s catalogue and reading the curatorial premise for the work’s inclusion, where I gave reasons for the withdrawal that include: [The curatorial essay mentions] my art (with reference to Floor plan: Empty, except) within the context of Robert Morris’ essay. Not only […]

Notes towards contemporary post-minimalism [withdrawal]

Several ideas stemming from Minimalism, though controversial in the 1960s, are now widely accepted as part of the landscape of contemporary art: for example, the artwork can be fabricated by someone other than the artist; it can comprise modules or units used singularly or repeated, and its governing concept is more important than any craft […]

sculptural situation: plans

Moments of Mind : The Sweeney Reed CollectionSculptural Situation – Plans: Gail Hastings The two exhibitions in Heide 1 are a departure from the survey collection shows exhibited in the space to date. The juxtaposition of work by Sweeney Reed and practising Sydney artist Gail Hastings is the first in a planned series of projects […]