[space holder]

space-holder by Gail Hastings

While standing in a queue at, for example, a supermarket, we might realise we have forgotten something we need to fetch, and turn to the person behind to ask if they wouldn’t mind holding our place in line. In this simple act a social contract is made between oneself and a stranger who vows to hold one’s claim. The held space […]

Space you can’t sit on: The space in Today

Half exhibition, half archival room – this exhibition presents a number of sculptuations that focus on the creation of space. The exhibition’s title refers, in part, to an included work in which the spatially isolated letters of the word ‘today’ invoke a daily fragmentation that nevertheless come together as one in the end  – as ‘Today’. Called […]

Encounter: Stephen Sinn

An article entitled 'Art, bare feet, love: and interview with Steve Sinn' - Gail Hastings

In this exhibition there is one work, ‘encounter: Stephen Sinn’. The word ‘encounter’ surfaced during discussion after Fr Steve spent some very long moments silently looking at the work for the first time. For him, the term tended to encapsulate not only the movement happening in the work, but its parallel with what was most […]