Overheard Conversation: Sculptural Situations by Gail Hastings

Exhibition 'Overheard conversation' AGNSW 2007 - Gail Hastings

Hastings regards her works as ‘sculptural situations’ rather than as paintings or installations, or even sculptures. Rather than adhering to a pre-existing location, Hastings seeks to craft space—in particular, she seeks to craft an inter-subjective space, a social space of conversation and communication. This is at once a remarkably fraught, ambitious and fascinating enterprise. It …

Moët &​ Chandon Australian Art Foundation Touring Exhibition 1996

Established by Moët & Chandon in 1987, the Foundation comprises three elements, the Fellowship, the Touring Exhibition and the Art Acquisition Fund which have provided developing young artists in Australia with an innovative programme of support of real significance. Moët & Chandon’s long term commitment to the future of the visual arts in Australia is unique and …

Australian Perspecta 1991

In Hastings’ work we are asked to reconcile two positions: that of having the privileged point of view over the site or plan of the work, and that of being made to feel over-sized and external to the three-dimensional Alice-in-Wonderland world before us.