Exhibition: To Do

Gail Hastings’ forthcoming exhibition is entitled Exhibition: To Do and will open at The Commercial on Friday, 11 April 2014, 6-8pm.

An excerpt from the exhibition record reads:

Space is generally thought of in its ideal form — as empty. Notions, such as needing space to breath, space to move, space to be free and outer space (uninhabited) point this way. In being empty, space is thought of as missing something, something that can fill it. It is why space is spoken of with such potential.

The conundrum, then, is how does one retain this potential when one makes art that creates space — an aesthetic space that is not missing something but is, instead, a something: a concrete thing?

Some time ago I was in a cafe in Melbourne, in St Kilda, enjoying a cup of coffee when I could not help but overhear two conversations on art taking place on either side of me. . .