[space holder]

space-holder by Gail Hastings

While standing in a queue at, for example, a supermarket, we might realise we have forgotten something we need to fetch, and turn to the person behind to ask if they wouldn’t mind holding our place in line. In this simple act a social contract is made between oneself and a stranger who vows to hold one’s claim. The held space […]

Less is More: Minimal and Post-Minimal Art in Australia [withdrawal]

01/09/2012 withdrawal of ABC art: red cube from the exhibition upon receiving the exhibition’s catalogue and reading the curatorial premise for the work’s inclusion, where I gave reasons for the withdrawal that include: [The curatorial essay mentions] my art (with reference to Floor plan: Empty, except) within the context of Robert Morris’ essay. Not only […]

Notes towards contemporary post-minimalism [withdrawal]

Several ideas stemming from Minimalism, though controversial in the 1960s, are now widely accepted as part of the landscape of contemporary art: for example, the artwork can be fabricated by someone other than the artist; it can comprise modules or units used singularly or repeated, and its governing concept is more important than any craft […]