To make a work of timeless art: MCA Primavera Acquisitions

The decision to acquire the work of Primavera artists began in 1993, the first purchase being a suite of works by Gail Hastings, an artist included in the inaugural Primavera exhibition. Everyone wants to be close to ‘the wheel of history’, to be remembered, to occupy a place within the wider schema of recent art […]

Sculptural Situations: Gail Hastings

Exhibition 'Sculptural Situations' (2008) PICA - Gail Hastings

Perth born Hastings is a singular artist distinguished by the extraordinary focus of her practice. … Consistently describing her work as ‘a space made for others’ Hastings creates what she calls ‘invisible architectures’ that invite the viewer to enter a dialogue with what they observe. … As ‘the artist’ Hastings eschews a central position in her […]