To make a work of timeless art: MCA Primavera Acquisitions

Date: 12/Nov/2008 to 22/Mar/2009
Curated by: Isabel Hesketh and Clare Lewis
At: Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

James Angus, Suzannah Barta, Stephen Bram, Vicente Butron, Felicia Kan, Mikala Dwyer, Marco Fusinato, Shaun Gladwell, Gail Hastings, Nick Mangan, Andrew McQualter, Yukultji Napangati, Kerri Poliness, Elizabeth Pulie, David Rosetzky, Nike Savvas, Tim Silver, Lyndal Walker

List of Works: To make a work of timeless art
flower power 1960s/1990s
Bibliography: Isabel Finch, Clare Lewis, ‘Gail Hastings’, To make a work of timeless art: MCA Primavera Acquisitions, exhibition catalogue, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney 2008.
John McDonald, Trash or treasure’, The Sydney Morning Herald, 17 January 2009, http://www.smh.com.au/news/entertainment/arts/primavera-acquisitions-a-portrait-of-decadence/2009/01/16/1231608949070.html/, accessed 30 October 2016.
Museum of Contemporary Art

Dir: Elizabeth Ann MacGregor
140 George Street
The Rocks
Sydney, Australia

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