Taking it all away: MCA collection

Exhibition curatorial

Natasha Bullock

Taking it all away [is] an exhibition of works drawn from the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia.

Diverse in form and character, the works in Taking it all away set the dynamics of space and time against the complexities of modern existence. Together, these works speak to the importance of art history and to the vigorous, evolving nature of contemporary art.

The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia dedicates this exhibition to the memory of artists Gordon Bennett and Robert Hunter, who sadly passed away during its development.

Natasha Bullock, curator, 2015

Date: 18/Dec/2014 to 22/Feb/2015
Curated by: Natasha Bullock
At: Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

Gordon Bennett, Christian Capurro et al. (feat. Chris Bond), Peter Cripps, Gail Hastings, Robert Hunter, Rose Nolan and Stuart Ringholt

List of Works: by Gail Hastings
To make a work of timeless art

Detail: To make a work of timeless art, 1996, Gail Hastings; photo: Alex Davies

Museum of Contemporary Art
Dir: Elizabeth Ann Macgregor
140 George Street
The Rocks
Sydney NSW 2000
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