Store 5 is … ?

Other artist initiatives before Store 5 ostensibly grew from radical 1970s and early 1980s activism, where artists collaborated to stand for their rights (e.g. artists’ fees) and, thereby, contemporary art. Pre-ordained definitions of art were questioned as well as the politics of inclusion and exclusion in public programs (e.g. the exclusion of women artists). By so doing, these artists furnished a better art world that many of us younger artists lazily lounged in a little, perhaps, too unthankfully.

Date: 19/Mar/2005 to 07/May/2005
At: Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne

Gary Wilson, Melinda Harper. Kerrie Poliness, John Nixon, Stephen Bram, Anne-Marie May, Rose Nolan, Gail Hastings, Kathy Temin, Constanze Zikos, Carolyn Barnes, Marco Fusinato, Tony Clark, Sandra Bridie, Callum Morton, Eugene Carchesio, Diena Georgetti, Vicente Butron, John Barbour, Sue Cramer, Shelley Lasica, Bronwyn Clark-Coolee, Andrew Hurle, Elizabeth Newman, Aleks Danko, David O’Halloran, Fiona Macdonald, Ben Curnow, Stephen Bambury, A.D.S. Donaldson & Kate Daw

List of Works: by Gail Hastings
The Big Coverup: white with blue stripe
Bibliography: Gail Hastings, ‘Store 5 is …, Store 5 was … or, rather, Store 5 was not … easy – let’s face it’, Store 5 is ..., exhibition catalogue, Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne 2005.
Anna Schwartz Gallery

Dir: Anna Schwartz
185 Flinders Lane
Melbourne VIC 3000

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