Space you can’t sit on: The space in Today

Half exhibition, half archival room – this exhibition presents a number of sculptuations that focus on the creation of space. The exhibition’s title refers, in part, to an included work in which the spatially isolated letters of the word ‘today’ invoke a daily fragmentation that nevertheless come together as one in the end  – as ‘Today’. Called a sculptuation, these watercolour floorplans appear, at first, to be far from ‘sculptural’. Yet a sculptuation consists not of solid but of spatial objects that we, admittedly, cannot sit on but which, nevertheless, are just as concrete in guiding the passage of our day.

Gail Hastings, exhibition statement, October 2011

Date: 22/Oct/2011 to 03/Dec/2011
At: Gail Hastings Exhibition Studio, Sydney
List of Works: by Gail Hastings
Art frame: red
24 hour space: black jacket
100% intersubjective space: caput mortum violet
The space in today
Encyclopaedia of an Idea
Art frame: blue
24 hour space: brilliant red shirt
24 hour space: Caribbean blue jumper
24 hour space: Scheveningen violet shoes
24 hour space: sapgreen lake socks
100% intersubjective space: Italian Brown Pink Lake

100% intersubjective space: Caput Mortum Violet, 2011, Gail Hastings, one of a limited edition of two.

Gail Hastings Exhibition Studio

Broken Hill House
151 Bayswater Road
Rushcutters Bay NSW 2011

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