[space holder]

Sometimes in, say, a supermarket queue we realise we have forgotten something we need to fetch and turn to the person behind to ask if they wouldn’t mind holding our space in line. In this simple act a social contract is made between oneself and a stranger who vows to hold one’s claim. The held space is a whole space complete with limits not defined by walls, but by another’s recognition … The space is corroborated (by a stranger), is intersubjective (an arrangement between two people), and is social (not a figment of one’s imagination but actual in the form of a public social space).

Date: 20/Sep/2012 to 20/Oct/2012
Curated by:
At: Gail Hastings Exhibition Studio, Sydney
List of Works: Space holder for a blue, white and green space
Red space holder: forget remember
Gail Hastings Exhibition Studio

Broken Hill House
Room 27
151 Bayswater Road
Rushcutters Bay NSW 2011