Room 32

Date: 27/Aug/1994 to 28/Aug/1994
At: Room 32, Sydney

Bill Seaman, Ross Harley, Matthew Johnson, Jon Catalan, Mathew Jones, Lindy Lee, Mikala Dwyer, Gail Hastings, Constance Zikos, Callum Morton

List of Works: by Gail Hastings
pages 32, 28, 19, 7, 2 and one

The exhibition consisted of 10 solo exhibitions in Room 32 over 10 consecutive weekends starting 16 July 1994.

Bibliography: Carmel Dwyer, Putting on the Ritz’, The Sydney Morning Herald, Thursday 7 July 1994, p.22.
Room 32

Regents Court
18 Springfield Avenue
Kings Cross VIC 2011

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