sculptural situation: plans

Moments of Mind : The Sweeney Reed Collection
Sculptural Situation – Plans: Gail Hastings

The two exhibitions in Heide 1 are a departure from the survey collection shows exhibited in the space to date. The juxtaposition of work by Sweeney Reed and practising Sydney artist Gail Hastings is the first in a planned series of projects designed to honour the Reeds’ philosophy of supporting contemporary artists, while also serving the purpose of filling in some of the less familiar chapters of the Heide story.

Moments of Mind and Sculptural Situations: Plans together create a highly successful dialogue between two minds from very different eras. Where Hastings is still in the prime of her creative career, Sweeney Reed is habitually portrayed as something of a tragic character. Son of Hester and Tucker … [r]umour tends to cast him as a sensitive fellow with a minor talent and a cultural flame that turned all too short by the standards of the robust Antipodean modernist tradition.

This poignant little exhibition tells a slightly different version of the familiar tale and sheds fresh light on Sweeney as an artist and poet.

Anna Clabburn, Space is the text best thing, The Weekend Australian, 22–23 February 2003, Arts R13.

Date: 25/Jan/2003 to 06/Jul/2003
Curated by: Zara Stanhope
At: Heidi Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne
List of Works: by Gail Hastings
primed canvas (charcoal grey)
primed canvas (may green)
primed canvas (Naples yellow)
Bibliography: Anna Clabburn, Space is the text best thing’, The Weekend Australian: Arts, 22–23 February 2003, p.R13.
Heidi Museum of Modern Art

Dir: Warwick Reeder

Heide 1, Heide Museum of Modern Art
7 Templestowe Road
Bulleen VIC 3105

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