Overheard Conversation: Sculptural Situations by Gail Hastings

Hastings regards her works as ‘sculptural situations’ rather than as paintings or installations, or even sculptures. Rather than adhering to a pre-existing location, Hastings seeks to craft space—in particular, she seeks to craft an inter-subjective space, a social space of conversation and communication. This is at once a remarkably fraught, ambitious and fascinating enterprise. It is also one reason why the experience of Hastings’s evocative situations is like confronting something vaguely familiar, yet weirdly opaque.

Date: 19/Mar/2007 to 13/May/2007
At: Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney
List of Works: by Gail Hastings
behind you: blue
difficult art decisions: wall seven
missing walls: bureaucracy at work
So she said
Bibliography: Andrew McNamara, ‘Making space for the invisible architecture of the social’, Sculptural Situations: Gail Hastings, exhibition catalogue, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney no.2.07, 1997.
Art Gallery of New South Wales

Dir: Edmund Capon
Domain Road
The Domain NSW 2000

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