mission: untitled (blue)

It used to be said of experimental art that it didn’t really need an audience to view it…. Experimentation for its own sake was to be sufficient …  Of course this was before — or despite — some people reckoning that the value of art was actually something produced in the exchange between artists and audience, in between the work being made and being received. So, they argued, there really isn’t a work until that happens, since the work of art is that happening. … Gail Hastings’ work frames similar questions …  or really, as she says it ‘sets a scene’ — for generating a kind of self-consciousness about looking at art …

Date: 16/Mar/2001 to 22/Mar/2001
At: Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne
List of Works: by Gail Hastings
mission: untitled (blue)
setting the scene for nobody
Bibliography: Stuart Koop, mission: untitled (blue), exhibition catalogue, Australian Centre of Contemporary Art, Melbourne 2001. Stuart Koop, ‘Gail Hastings’, red: Text / Images / Sounds, exhibition catalogue, Australian Centre of Contemporary Art, Melbourne 2001, p.61. David Pestorius, The Lost Album – Is It for Me?’, The Go-Betweens Message Board, 2006, http://go-betweens.org.uk/chatroom/messages/353/2167.html?1154716825, accessed 23 September 2016.
Australian Centre for Contemporary Art

Dir: Jenepher Duncan
Dallas Brooks Drive
South Yarra VIC 3141

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