Leave the line standing

After much squabbling over how best to cut the piece of wood, with jigsaw in hand I decided to ignore Mick and get on with the job as I always do — uncomfortable with his audience but, nevertheless — when Mick made a last ditched effort and said, ‘leave the line standing’. Standing? Line? I put down the jigsaw and added ‘baffled’ to annoyed and uncomfortable. I asked what he meant. ‘You either cut the line off or leave the line standing’. Suddenly I realised there was no line standing between us, we had been saying the same thing, just differently. I had been building a wall at the time. When, months later, I came to exhibit my art in the same room, our agreement seemed the right type of line to leave standing.

Date: 23/Feb/2010 to 04/Mar/2010
At: St Canice's Annex, Sydney
List of Works: by Gail Hastings
habit’s pattern: orange and black
habit’s pattern: red and grey
meandering space: red, grey and brown
meandering space: turquoise, dark blue and green
truth works: blue and grey
truth works: brown and black
truth works: orange and red
truth works: turquoise and green
St Canice's Annex

St Canice’s Annex
28 Roslyn Street
Elizabeth Bay NSW 2011

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