Kunst Nach Kunst / Art After Art

Simple geometric patterns with a coloration [of] clearly defined contours characterize Gail Hastings’ work. The proximity to Minimal Art is unmistakable [as] a conceptual interface of her works. … The title, “To complete a work of contemporary art” (1997), already indicates a direct reference to an apparently ‘unfinished’ contemporary art. This reference must be formally seen as playing with geometric arrangements that can be categorised somewhere between those of LeWitt and those of Hastings. The viewer might feel as if he or she were asked to complete the individual parts or fragments, which Minimal Art, for example, has left behind, so as to form a whole.

Date: 18/Aug/2002 to 03/Nov/2002
At: Neues Museum Weserburg Bremen, Bremen

John Armleder (CH), Art & Language (GB/USA), Holger Bär (D), John Baldessari (USA), Lynda Bengalis (USA), Lynda Bengalis / Kirsten Stoltmann (USA), Jimmie Durham (USA), General Idea (CAN), Rodney Graham (CAN), Gail Hastings (AU), John Isaacs (GB), Martin Kippenberger (D), Rachel Lachowicz (USA), John Latham (GB), Bertrand Lavier (F), Thomas Locher (D), Michel Majors (D),  Paul McCarthy (USA),  Jonathan Monk (GB), Olaf Nicolai (D), Albert Oehlen (D), Susi Pop (D), George Pusenkoff (D/RUSS), Daniel Richter (D), Bob & Roberta Smith (GB), Sturtevant (USA), Yuji Takeoff (J), Tony Tasset (USA), Imants Tillers (AU), Piotr Uklahski (PL),  Johannes Wohnseifer (D), Peter Zimmermann (D), Heimo Sobering (A)

List of Works: by Gail Hastings
To complete a work of contemporary art
Bibliography: Uwe Goldenstein, ‘Gail Hastings’, in Peter Friese (ed.), Kunst Nach Kunst, exhibition catalogue, Neues Museum Weserburg Bremen, Bremen 2002, pp.120–3.
Neues Museum Weserburg Bremen

Teerhof 20
28199 Bremen

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