The blowtorch, a back turned rather than a front offered, independence of mind, an absorption in one’s work, a disdain for conformity, taking one’s time and our gaze directed in a non-objectifying way spell male artist, not female. If this is now, no wonder Lee Bontecou’s art was treated as threatening in New York’s decidedly male dominated art scene of the late 1950s—back then.

Gail Hastings, Thank goodness Donald Judd wasn’t a misogynist, August 2012

Date: 26/Jul/2013 to 17/Aug/2013
Curated by: Kelly Doley and Amanda Rowell
At: The Commercial, Sydney

Bonita Bub, Jenny Christmann, Sarah Goffman, Gail Hastings, Sarah Rodigari

List of Works: Red space holder: forget remember
Space holder for a yellow, white and red space
Space holder for a blue, white and green space
meandering space: red, grey and brown
primed canvas (Naples yellow)
Bibliography: Keith Gallasch, Virginia Baxter, In the loop July 24: quick picks’, Realtime, issue 115, June-July 2013, http://www.realtimearts.net/article/issue115/11226, accessed 30 October 2016.
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Sarah Rodigari at MCLEMOI Gallery 7-9pm