In Conversation

This is the quandary bequeathed by minimalism, and Hastings presents this legacy precisely as a quandary. Again, the issue revolves around a hypothetical circuit of knowledge: who knows? Hastings candidly notes her own trepidation: “That this work of art I am looking at is not meant form me but for someone else more equipped … more art-informed.” Hastings’ work aims to serve as a point, to conjecture, before “authority” intervenes.

Date: 04/Apr/2003 to 31/May/2003
At: UQ Art Museum, Brisbane
List of Works: by Gail Hastings
A Moment’s Evidence: a spatial probability edition 1993
Bibliography: Andrew McNamara, ‘Hall of mirrors: where to the artwork?’, in David Pestorius (ed.), In Conversation, exhibition catalogue, University Art Museum, Brisbane 2003, pp.40–3.
UQ Art Museum

Dir: Ross Searle
University of Queensland
Forgan Smith Tower
St Lucia QLD 4072

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