Gallery Central studio residency

Never before have I realised the importance of having a dedicated space within which to make art until my brief residency at Gallery Central’s 149 Beaufort Street, Perth. The residency is on site at the Central Institute of Technology, wherein thrives a wonderfully supportive art school for those preparing to study at tertiary level. Central Institute is one of a cluster of cultural identities in the city centre that includes the Art Gallery, the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, the State Library, Theatre and Museum. Lesser known, the Central Institute is tucked behind James Street, on Aberdeen Street. A most precious aspect of the art school is to be able to walk along the street’s footpath and peer into a ceramic or sculpture class taking place, through architecturally augmented windows. Made studioless recently, I now recognise the fundamental necessity of having a space to which to return and continue, when everywhere else suggests one should just pack up. Simple, but not. My never ending thanks, therefore, to Gallery Central, its director, assistant and the institute’s woodworkshop technician.

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