Gail Hastings: Sculptural Situation 1989–2000

Included sculptuations:

a sculptural situation to enter, and to leave, 2000

a sculptural situation, drawn in, 2000

a sculptural situation’s architectonic colour-space, 2000

Encyclopaedia of possibilities: Mon 14.9.95, 1995

magazine – mission: untitled (blue), 1999

Movie directions for secret agents, 1994

pattern book five, 1996

poster: a sculptural situation (drawn in), 2000

stare two, 1997

untitled (with kitten), 1989

untitled (with magazine), 1989

Date: 07/Jul/2000 to 28/Jul/2000
At: Goddard de Fiddes, Perth
List of Works: by Gail Hastings
Movie Directions for Secret Agents
untitled (with kitten)
Goddard de Fiddes

31 Malcolm Street
West Perth WA 6005

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