apparently not

The Director said, ‘action’, he acted, he said ‘apparently not’, then the Director said, ‘cut’.
This ‘take’ was done 10 times. Then, at night for ten nights, he dreamt each take in detail.
One take was selected and the movie completed.
For ten weeks the movie was shown at the movie house in his nome town. For ten weeks the movie was then shown in ten other towns.
He counted the times that is one appearance on film was repeated.
He likened the repetition to a patter, a lattice, in which was meshed all of the unfixed moments of his days and nights.
Feeling alienated by the pattern’s netting effect, its reduction, he spoke to a finer. The friend advised he treat the pattern as a fabric that he could fold this way or that. He folded his fabric and left it behind the red patterned screen while he appeared in 10 more movies.
He wondered if anyone noticed, then happily said to himself, ‘apparently not’.

Date: 30/Apr/1999 to 29/May/1999
At: David Pestorius Gallery, Berlin
David Pestorius Gallery

Dir: David Pestorius

Novalistrasse 11
D-10115 Berlin

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