Corner recently acquired by the National Gallery of Australia

Corner (2013), a sculptuation that spatially embodies a room’s corner, has been acquired by the National Gallery of Australia (NGA). Comprising ten components, the two watercolour components that bracket the sculptuation’s space are from the ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF ART ON PEDESTALS. Within the watercolour floor plans someone struggles to move a pedestal around the corner from storage  (first watercolour—opening bracket) to the exhibition room (second watercolour—closing bracket) along a blue striped path. At the corner the work of art falls out from this everyday art world trajectory (of moving pedestals from storage to exhibition rooms and back again) to take place in our space, the breathing space of the actual room, without a pedestal. More of Corner (please login).

Corner joins four sculptuations by Gail Hastings already in the NGS’s collection, from the 1996 limited edition 36 pages about time first exhibited at Art 1996 Chicago art fair on Navy Pier. Detailed images can be found of Encyclopaedia of Time in Art: pp. 28-30 and Encyclopaedia of Time in Art: pp. 31-33 on the NGA’s website.