53 Days Left To Go—When art is misplaced

In one way of looking at it, everything that occurs does so at a specific place; it occurs at a specific latitude, longitude and point in time. The ice-cream you bought the other day while guiltily looking over your shoulder occurred at a pin-point on a map with a timestamp, whether someone saw you or not. While a pin-point in time and place […]

59 Days Left To Go—what are the Odds?

Second day of the campaign, and finally I send an email notification to those on the studio’s invitation list. Something tells me this should have happened yesterday. With no supporters, YET, I can’t help but begin to dread my odds. In an attempt to assuage the dread I have done some digging, only to discover it is justified. Before I delve, […]

60 Days Left To Go—Launch

Brakes screeching, cars skidding, cars piling-up—because: I just pressed LAUNCH for ‘Studio: Key’ on the crowdfunding platform—Pozible. Well, that’s how it felt as my mouse clicked and before the realisation dawned that I could hear no traffic incident on the road outside as a result, at all. To launch I had to climb what felt like Mt Everest only to discover, […]