Art Journal’s Fall Issue out soon

Art Journal Vol. 77, no. 3 Fall 2018Sarah Hamill Surface Matters: Erin Shirreff ’s Videos and the Photography of SculptureMara Pogolvsky Ezcurra Beyond Evil: Politics, Ethics, and Religion in León Ferrari’s Illustrated Nunca másGail Hastings The Power of Inclusion in Donald Judd’s Art: Observations by an ArtistGail Hastings Artist’s Project: Space Practising ToolsSamantha A. Noel Envisioning New Worlds: The […]

Winner of this years Redlands Konica Minolta Art Prize

Connie Anthes, Gemma Avery, Richard Bell, Vivienne Binns OAM, Vincente Butron, Consuelo Cavaniglia, Megan Cope, Renee Cosgrave, Melissa Deerson, Richard Dunn, Hayley Megan French, Kath Fries, Sarah Goffman, Agatha Gothe-Snape, Gail Hastings, Tim Johnson, Mason Kimber, Lucina Lane, Lindy Lee, Stephen Little, Dan McCabe, Adrain McDonald, Aodhan Madden, Hilarie Mais, Jonny Niesche, John Nixon, Rose […]

2018 Redlands Konica Minolta Art Prize at the National Art School Gallery

The prize exhibition will be held at the National Art School Gallery in Sydney from 15 March until 12 May 2018. Nike Savvas writes, ‘I have selected artists whose practices evidence discriminating, uncompromising and highly individualist approaches to art making. In a cultural climate beset by hype, hits, corporatisation and swinging social agency, the next iteration […]

Michael Benedikt to write on Donald Judd’s space for Space Practising Tools

Kimbell Art Museum September 2004 - Creative Commons

Against this disappointing backdrop of ‘almost no discussion of space in art’, Donald Judd singles out Michael Benedikt’s discussion of Louis Kahn’s Kimbell as an exception. It is, therefore, a tremendous honour to have Michael Benedikt write an historical essay on the space of Donald Judd’s art for Space Practising Tools. Space Practising Tools is […]

Space Practising Tools Project reforms

The Space Practising Tools project has grown. The sudden departure of art historian Adrian Kohn from its, as yet, unpublished pages has brought it to a point of reform. We therefore thank Adrian Kohn for all his time and support that he gave to the project. As a Donald Judd expert keen to expand present […]

Architecture Bulletin – The room issue

Gail Hastings‘ page 28 from ‘Encyclopaedia of Time in Art: pp. 28–30’ graces the cover of the upcoming Architecture Bulletin – The room issue, Autumn 2017, available in mid-March. Andrew Nimmo has written an introduction to the issue that in part reads: The Autumn issue of Architecture Bulletin explores what the room means to a cross section of […]

Review of The Missing Space Project in De Witte Raaf

Wouter Davidts reviews The Missing Space Project: Six Interviews in De Witte Raaf (volume 30, issue 178 (November–December 2015), p.25). Read review. De Witte Raaf is a journal of critical essays and reviews on visual art published in the Netherlands. Wouter Davidts is a Belgian academic based in Antwerp, who teaches in the Department of Architecture & Urban Planning and the […]

The Missing Space Project released on iBooks

The Missing Space Project: Six Interviews was released today on iBooks. Most regard phenomenological space made popular in the 1960s as the only type of space introduced by Minimal art. Few are aware of an alternate self-determined space made by the art, itself, that is a concrete, material space. An account of this space is missing. The six interviews of […]