Loopedosity Lost

Front page of Gail Hastings Exhibition Studio website

It happens, a website goes down and, along with it, the readership hours, article writing, comments, thoughts, images, debates, mistakes and good will it contains. It happened to me, recently. ‘Loopedosity’ is no more. I sighed some grief for about a week, then started on this new website. Nevertheless, along with losing my previous website, I basically lost […]

Flowers from the opening talk

Article entitled 'flowers from the opening talk' - 'Space you can't sit on'

You’ll have to excuse the nasty looking signs that say ‘please don’t place your wine or food on the table’, but I’m a little anxious the watercolours might easily be ruined. You see, the porosity of watercolour paper allows it to absorb pigmented water very easily. While this is a characteristic of most paper, I […]

At war with seeing visual art: Do I get it or does it get me?

Deception is in the eye of the beholder, the beauty of which can be seen in the work of Bridget Riley. For example, take her painting Cantus Firmus, 1972-3, presently on view in ‘Bridget Riley: Paintings and drawings 1961-2004’ at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA), Sydney. From a distance we see a vertically aligned […]