Last day, Saturday, to see sides: red versus blue in OUI we at The Commercial

Saturday 08 March is the last day to see sides: red versus blue, 2009, at The Commercial, Redfern, Sydney. Sides comprises five components: three non-objective paintings, a framed watercolour page from an encyclopaedia and an aesthetic space situated by the sculptuation. The watercolour page is from the ‘Encyclopaedia of being on the wrong side of […]

Sculptuation by Gail Hastings in 20/200 at Sarah Cottier Gallery opening next Thursday, 13 March

20/200 is  group exhibition at Sarah Cottier Gallery that marks 20 years and over 200 exhibitions for the gallery. Gail Hastings is delighted to contribute a sculptuation to the exhibition for having participated in the 1996 exhibition ‘Road to Love’ (20.03.1996–30.03.1996) curated by Mikala Dwyer. The gallery, then, was located at 36 Lennox Street, Newtown, Sydney. The two […]

Art Month Presents Collector’s Disgrace—Art frame: red removed

The title above is harsh, but so was the insult to the collectors of Art frame: red and to the sculptuation, itself, discovered last night at the opening of Art Month’s Collector’s Space. Art frame: red is a sculptuation. As a sculptuation, it activates the physical space within which one stands to look at its […]

Missing pre-release available now on iBooks

Missing: Four sculptuations by Gail Hastings has just been pre-released on iBooks. With a foreword by art historian Richard Shiff—widely known for his writing on certain Impressionists while lesser known, yet just as profound, for his writing on the art of Donald Judd—Missing‘s 52 pages include watercolour moments from the Encyclopaedia of Taking Care in Art, Encyclopaedia […]

Becky Sparks and James Roland—’Art frame: red’

‘Art frame: red’, 2011, by Gail Hastings will be on view in James Roland and Becky Spark’s contribution to Art Month’s Collectors’ Space.. Art Month Presents Collector’s Space A hidden urban space filled with museum quality artworks never seen together in public before… or ever again. Curated by Natalia Bradshaw, the Collector’s Space is a […]

Artists Talk at The Commercial

At 4pm, 07/02/014 I will be at The Commercial gallery to speak with people as they look at sides: red versus blue, 2009, currently on view in the group exhibition OUI we at The Commercial. GH From the press release: Gail Hastings will speak about her exhibited work, the sculptuation ‘sides: red versus blue’ and the creation of […]

Room rubbed out (2010-13) on view until 09/11/2013

Room rubbed out is presently on view in the back office at The Commercial Gallery, Sydney, during Natalya Hughes’ exhibition entitled ‘Looking Twice’ at The Commercial. Room rubbed out is a wall work comprised of three parts: two watercolour components and a space component in-between of the same dimension. Natalya Hughes’ exhibition finishes on Saturday […]

Gail Hastings now represented by The Commercial Gallery

Press Release: The Commercial Gallery – September 2013 It is with great pleasure that The Commercial Gallery announces it now represents Gail Hastings and will present a solo exhibition of her work at the inaugural Sydney Contemporary art fair between 19 and 22 September at Carriageworks, Sydney (Booth PC102). It is exciting to be showing new work […]

A note on ‘Leave the line standing’


We were squabbling over how best to cut the piece of wood when, with jigsaw in hand, I decided to ignore Mick and get on with the job as I always do — uncomfortable with and annoyed by his audience. Then Mick made a last ditched effort and said, ‘leave the line standing’. Standing? Line? […]

Happy New Year: ‘You didn’t look, did you?’

Detail: 'situation no. 41: happy new year', 2000 - Gail Hastings

A ‘Happy New Year’ card is a common greeting sent at this time of year to convey best wishes. This particular card is part of a sculptuation by me exhibited in 2000. It may be 13 years too late, but I return to it to send registered readers with a wish for 2013. The wish […]

Withdrawal from ‘Less is More’

On Monday 3 September 2012, ABC art: red cube (2008) was taken off the exhibition wall of  Less is More at Heide Museum of Modern Art before the exhibition’s conclusion, upon my request. This was a drastic and, for me, painful action made necessary given there was no retraction of the curator’s views expressed in the […]

Thank goodness Donald Judd wasn’t a misogynist

While browsing iTunes one fine July 2007 day, I happened upon a new release by Austin Indie band ‘Spoon’ with a cover image of the artist Lee Bontecou by photographer Ugo Mulas, taken in 1963. Instantly impressed, I eagerly investigated further and came across an interview. Here, singer/guitarist Britt Daniel explains that, although he was […]

Less is More opening at Heidi

studio-note-1Gail Hastings Exhibition Studio

Less is More opening at Heidi—A sculptuation by Gail Hastings will be part of the group exhibition Less is More: Minimal and Post-minimal art in Australia, curated by Sue Cramer, from 3 August 2012 at Heidi Museum of  Modern Art, Melbourne. Gail Hastings will also participate in an exhibition forum entitled Notes towards contemporary post-minimalism to take place on 11 […]

Wholeness no longer a dirty word

The School of Athens (detail) Raphael, 1511

The term ‘aesthetics’ was first ascribed the burgeoning discipline in 1735 when the German student of philosophy Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten coined it in his master’s thesis to mean ‘epistêmê aisthetikê, the science of what is sensed and imagined’. (1)Paul Guyer, “18th Century German Aesthetic”, The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Fall 2008). The first book published under its name was […]

Aesthetics is for the artist as ornithology is for the birds

Everyone agrees that ultimately one essential of art is unity. After that the agreement breaks down. This fact of unity doesn’t seem to say much, which is an ancient characteristic of aesthetics, the most uncertain and least developed branch of philosophy and the most ignored by those it concerns, including myself until now. Barnett Newman […]

Upcoming exhibition [space holder]

Donald Judd, 'Untitled', 1975, AGNSW - Gail Hastings Exhibition Studio

For one reason or another I have had to put words to paper in preparation of my next exhibition. They namely concern the title of the exhibition: [space holder]. It is a title that aspires to benefit a discussion on space as an art object that is fraught, from the outset, for a few reasons. The […]

Why I make editions: A space for possibilities

A ‘limited edition’ is a term we generally associate with printmaking or photography in contemporary art. Both involve the reproduction of an artwork a number of times. If the ‘number of times’ is limited to, say, 100 prints, then the artwork is an edition of 100. There is a problem here, however, with the word […]

The art of noticing Part III

Mistakenly, some say Anthony Caro was the first to make pedestal-less three-dimensional art. (19)Many will be fortunate to remember having seen Anthony Caro’s abstract sculpture in Sculpture by the Sea at Bondi Beach, Sydney, in October 2010. As for who did what first, when it comes to boycotting the pedestal (or plinth, as we are more likely to call […]

The art of noticing Part I

From the Tate Channel, Donald-Judd

The art of illusion is, for many, art per se. Through it, our unconscious absorption into representational imagery transports us somewhere other that the reality in which we stand. This remains the desired effect we request from art. Since the beginning of the previous century, however, various artists and art movements have endeavoured to shatter […]