To evacuate, to cram

To evacuate, to cram 2018 first appeared in Art Journal (ed. Rebecca M. Brown), New York, in 2018. To evacuate, to cram is a standalone artwork. The artwork's medium includes watercolour and lead pencil on paper scanned and printed on the front and back covers of 'Art Journal', vol. 77, no. 3, Fall 2018 during Rebecca M. Brown's tenor as Editor-in-Chief, and comprises of two components measuring, overall, 25.4 x 20.9 cm (each cover).

23/09/2018 Art Journal, Art Journal (cur. Rebecca M. Brown), New York
Rebecca M. Brown, Muttering and Listening’, in Rebecca M. Brown (ed.), Art Journal, College Art Association, New York , vol.77 no.3, Fall 2018, p.5.