Space holder for a yellow, white and red space

The artist made Space holder for a yellow, white and red space in 2012 and first exhibited the artwork in 2014 in Melbourne Art Fair at The Commercial, Melbourne. Space holder for a yellow, white and red space is one of 2 in the limited edition space holder . The artwork's medium is Watercolour and lead pencil on paper, oil, pencil and acrylic on wood, and comprises of 3 component/s measuring, overall, 32 x 200 x 32.


Parliament adjourned, the House in a deadlock divide, after the question was put That the space block 32 x 32 x 80cm (yellow for 70, white for 2 and red on the end), is either a waste of space without use to society or, in being a space that cannot be used, enables society.

Until such time as the debate is resumed, the before mentioned space will remain on hold.

Floorplan details:
1 Side of the Ayes
2 Side of the Noes
3 Space holder
4 This Encyclopaedia
5 Despatch box made of rosewood
6 Table of the House
7 Entry through stairs of silent stares

Space holder Setup Guide

Space holder sides are mounted on wall with especially made wall brackets (coloured black).

13/08/2014 Melbourne Art Fair, The Commercial, Melbourne
26/07/2013 JANIS II, The Commercial (cur. Kelly Doley and Amanda Rowell), Sydney
26/04/2013 Direct Democracy, Monash University Museum of Art (cur. Geraldine Barlow), Melbourne
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