site specific art pattern no. 21

site specific art pattern no. 21 1997 first appeared in To complete a work of contemporary art at the Ausstellungsraum Thomas Taubert, Düsseldorf, in 1997. site specific art pattern no. 21 is one of one in the unlimited edition Site specific art pattern. The artwork's medium includes watercolour, lead pencil and acrylic on paper and wood, measuring, overall, Determined by the distance of the missing part from page 21. site specific art pattern no. 21 is in a private collection: Düsseldorf, 1997.

 Encyclopaedia of Site Specific Art 

A secret agent from the Site Specific Bureau has been given the job of locating the missing part of the contemporary art pattern no. 21, below. Disguised as an artist, the agent one day joined our art discussion group hoping, I believe, that I might reveal something about the part’s fatal disappearance as I was one of the few who had worked on its overall pattern. In the middle of a heated discussion on the passionate weirdness of contemporary art today, the secret agent cunningly diverted the group’s attention to the moment I last saw the art pattern no. 21 complete. “Regrettably”, I replied “this knowledge is lost in some missing room of my memory, but I do recall something about looking at a tree through a window”. Everyone laughed at this, the secret agent the loudest, and asked what possible relevance could a tree seen through a window have to this contemporary art pattern. I took a gamble and replied “the specificness of real life” which, annoyingly, made them laugh louder. Yet I did notice the secret agent secretly write this down, ending with, as they do, the time     [11.17 am]    and date      [Mon. 20-10-97]     .

———page 21———

missing part

window through which one can see a tree


missing room