Room rubbed out

Room rubbed out is a standalone artwork. The artwork's medium includes watercolour and lead pencil on paper, and comprises of two components measuring, overall, 34 x 102 x 5 cm.

Encyclopaedia of a room rubbed out
We complained: it was impossible. We were unable to rub out every single construction line used to draw the room. The page’s edge at the top of the stairs, is a line we trip over every time. Yet, it refuses to rub out. That’s when he said, ‘leave the line standing’.

  • desk littered with rubbed-out rubber-erasers
  • shelves stacked with erasers

Encyclopaedia of a room rubbed out
We tripped: it was inevitable. We tumbled at the top of the stairs into a strange room they call reality where all the construction lines are rubbed out. We collected their traces, found our way back down a stairway of stares and now sell the traces as art.

  • pencil traces of a room rubbed out hanging on an art gallery’s racks
  • stairway of stares