Room for Love

Room for Love 1990 first appeared in Room for Love at the Store 5, Melbourne, in 1990. Room for Love is a standalone artwork. The artwork's medium includes pigmented wax on wood, acrylic on wood, ink pen on paper, measuring, overall, 80 x 300 x 300.

22/05/2005 Pitch Your Own Tent: Art Projects / Store 5 / 1st Floor, Monash University Museum of Art (cur. Max Delany), Melbourne
10/09/1999 Open House, Pestorius Sweeney House (cur. Ben Curnow), Brisbane
22/09/1996 The Pool, Centenary Pools (cur. David Pestorius), Brisbane
05/12/1995 Lovers, Heidi Museum of Modern Art (cur. Juliana Engberg), Melbourne
01/03/1990 Exsultate, Jubilate, Store 5 (cur. Angela Brennan and Elizabeth Newman on invitation by Gail Hastings), Melbourne
09/10/1990 Dis-location, RMIT Gallery (cur. Robert Owen), Melbourne
21/04/1990 Room for Love, Store 5 (cur. Gary Wilson), Melbourne
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