Replica of an original space: blue light

Encyclopaedia of an original space here, now

We need backup. We are in a situation. Go ahead Art Squad, what is your situation? We have a blue light cyclic quadrilateral on the wall that replicates an original space, encased inside. Verify the replica’s legitimacy, Art Squad. We cannot verify. Repeat, we cannot verify. Reason, Art Squad? We cannot access the replica space. Your location, Art Squad? That’s just it, we are inside the original space the replica encases. Confirm: you are inside a space of which you are outside? Confirmed. Situation identified: circular. Backup is on its way.

[floor plan details]

  • replica space encased
  • encyclopaedia
  • 110°
  • 80°
  • 70°
  • 100°
  • here 
  • now
  • entry
  • exit
  • 80° + 70° + 100° + 110° = 360°
  • an original space
Qty ID Medium HxWxD cm
1 cyclic (360°) quadrilateral

Oil on wood

93.5 x 100.9 x 22.4
1 encyclopaedia

watercolour and lead pencil on paper (framed)

50 x 50 x 3.5

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