Red space holder: forget remember

Red space holder: forget remember 2012 first appeared in [space holder] at the Gail Hastings Exhibition Studio, Sydney, in 2012. Red space holder: forget remember is a standalone artwork. The artwork's medium includes watercolour and lead pencil on paper, oil, pencil and acrylic on wood, and comprises of eight components measuring, overall, 150 x 100 x 40 cm.

They seek the central point of the picture. They enter the picture through a room with three walls of green stripes. They are in a hurry. They rush through a room with two walls of grey stripes. They have no time to notice. They run through a third room with just one wall of blue stripes. They feel time is running out. They enter a room with no walls of stripes, just a floor of orange stripes. They exit the picture, disappointed. They roamed the general picture, but did not find a door to its central point.

  • 1. The forgotten wall of green stripes in a drawer, remembered
  • 2. The forgotten two walls of grey stripes in a drawer, remembered
  • 3. The forgotten three walls of blue stripes in a drawer, remembered
  • 4. The forgotten four walls of orange stripes in a drawer, remembered
  • 5. Woodwork bench full of stripes unable to fit in a drawer
  • 6. Woodwork bench full of stripes yet to be remembered
1. Door to the picture’s central point
2. Drawer of one’s moment now with a width of patience, a height of possibility, a depth of freedom and a timespan of love.