primed canvas (yellow brown)

primed canvas (yellow brown) is one of seven in the unlimited edition primed canvas. The artwork's medium includes watercolour and lead pencil on paper and gesso on linen, and comprises of two components measuring, overall, 50 cm high by 71 cm wide (depending on frame). primed canvas (yellow brown) is in a private collection: Sydney, 2020.

Encyclopaedia of a Work of Art Yet To Be
Five secret intelligence officers are presently meeting to finalise what will be painted on the preceding, primed canvas — whereupon it will be painted and the work of art completed.

– while on the way to the meeting, this is where secret intelligence officer 4 had pretended to have forgotten something and doubled back, briefly, in order to check no one was following

– where officer 2 had hesitated before opening the door

– where officer 3 had decided to yell, angrily, if the canvas was not to be painted a yellow brown

– where officer 1 had remembered to tell the others that the ‘vacant space’ at the centre of all this was the Operation’s ‘blind’ – leaving their work unable to be detected

details: meeting room; primed canvas; entrance; window; the vacant space