primed canvas (Naples yellow)

primed canvas (Naples yellow) 2002 first appeared in sculptural situation: plans at the Heidi Museum of Modern Art (cur. Zara Stanhope), Melbourne, in 2003. primed canvas (Naples yellow) is one of seven in the unlimited edition primed canvas. The artwork's medium includes watercolour and lead pencil on paper, gesso on linen, and comprises of two components measuring, overall, 192 cm from the ground and 138cm wide.


‘Five secret intelligence officers are presently meeting to finalise what will be painted on the preceding, primed canvas; whereupon it will be painted and the work of art completed.’

[floorplan headings:]

– while on the way to the meeting, this is where Secret Intelligence Officer 4 had checked a wristwatch monitor, connected to a minuscule back-collar camera, to make sure no one was following    x

– where Officer 2 had reread the secret-writing to recheck the time of the approaching meeting  x

– where Officer 3 had felt a tantrum mounting if it were not agreed at the meeting that the canvas be painted Naples yellow    x

– where Officer 1 had flinched at the degree of covert information at risk in Operation Vacant Space if the wrong decision is made at this meeting  x

– where Officer 5 stood to look at the primed canvas

– entrance to the Vacant Space