pages 32, 28, 19, 7, 2 and one

pages 32, 28, 19, 7, 2 and one 1994 first appeared in Room 32 at the Room 32, Sydney, in 1994. pages 32, 28, 19, 7, 2 and one is a standalone artwork. The artwork's medium includes watercolour and lead pencil on cotton; watercolour and lead pencil on wall and floor, photocopies, measuring, overall, The resulting size of the space is created by random events interconnected, as one, by 'pages 32, 28, 19, 7 and one'..

page 32 [door number on the front door of the hotel room]

page 28 [Stepanova dress hanging in the hotel room’s waldrobe]

page 19 [construction diagrams by builders drawn on the hotel room’s wall]

page 7 [the space between two insignificant instances – a paint splodge and a nail – on the hotel room’s floor]

page 2 [a photocopied page of the constructivist artist Varvara Sepanova wearing a dress made of fabric printed with her design, photo by Alexander Rodchenko (a dress with the same design replicated with watercolour on cotton is ‘page 28’)]

page one [the viewer]

27/08/1994 Room 32, Room 32 (cur. Matthew Johnson), Sydney
Carmel Dwyer, Putting on the Ritz’, The Sydney Morning Herald, Thursday 7 July 1994, p.22.