Movie Plots, public sculpture ‘Vault’

Movie Plots, public sculpture ‘Vault’ 1994 first appeared in well actually at the Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne, in 1994. Movie Plots, public sculpture ‘Vault’ is a standalone artwork. The artwork's medium includes watercolour and lead pencil on paper, measuring, overall, each: 33.5 x 26.2 (unframed), 46 x 38 (framed).

Encyclopaedia of Movie Plots
Closer, just a little closer so that I might whisper to you a secret; a secret about a movie plot banished from the City Square. A plot tenuously placed at the juncture of geometric planes taut by touching while falling apart. Industrial geometry lifted form the City’s grid, made tragic. At 5:00pm, amidst these tumbled rays of

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steel, there occurred a passage to a room. Lovers, the loveless and the disappointed would gather in this room; billowing it with speech as sensuous as the juncture of planes. They struggled as their speech sought other paths through the city: paths which render the complexity of human actions. Paths of discussion

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effused with memory, where contradictions aren’t shunned. Paths which breath: junctures that form while falling apart. The Council condemned this struggle as not ‘civic’ enough, and, you perhaps know the rest of the movie. You perhaps don’t know that somebody stole one night, after 5:00pm, and installed a

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plaque in the City Square. It reads: for lovers, the loveless and the disappointed: a whisper. The council put up a reward for information regarding the theft; yet the night was never returned. As for the plaque, unbeknownst to  council, it remains: a memory; a whisper.

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  • fig. 5:00pm — library: public sculpture ‘Vault’, 1980, by Ron Robertson-Swann

Watercolour 1

  • shelves full of tumbled books
04/05/1994 well actually, Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne