mission: untitled (blue)

GH made mission: untitled (blue) in 1999 and exhibited the artwork in 2001 in mission: untitled (blue) at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (cur. Stuart Koop), Melbourne. mission: untitled (blue) is a standalone artwork. The artwork's medium is 7:48 min film, painting, bag, furniture, and comprises of component/s measuring, overall, Situated within the projection.

sound: cassette being loaded into tape player, play button pressed, music:

(voice of Robert Forster): It’s been a long, lonely day . . . /  he was sentenced / for ten years / for stealing food / from his peers / ‘cause I feel / like a boy / who’s suddenly been destroyed / It’s been a long, a long, lonely day . . .

music interrupted — voice over: Sorry for the interruption, but here are your instructions. Listen carefully. Control is taking a special interest in this one, so don’t get it wrong. Your mission is to reclaim a lost object from an already assigned drop-off point. The location will be disclosed as you progress towards it. It’s dangerous, but a lot of planning has gone into this one. It should go smoothly. But just in case it doesn’t, you know what to do. This mission is known under the code name . . .

16/03/2001 mission: untitled (blue), Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (cur. Stuart Koop), Melbourne
21/04/1999 projections, David Pestorius Gallery, Berlin